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Current Location: the 608
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Current Location: the 608
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Current Location: the 608
Current Mood: chipperかなり前向き
Current Music: 「A Happy New Year」by 松任谷由実

I haven't bathed or used a flush toilet in a week, but... it's happytime.

秋はさすがに飽きないねCollapse )

Current Location: Ottawa National Forest, Michigan
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Current Music: NHK and random militia Christians on shortwave


I got some sculpey clay of making erasers. :)

子供の時よく集めたもんだな、いろんな形をした消しゴム。 超流行ってたし…それが自分で作れるようになるとは思いもしなかったけどit did!


Current Location: the 608
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: outlaw country on XM






考えるだけでも悍ましいもん ><;

Current Location: control room, chez mink
Current Mood: scaredぶるる
Current Music: ミーンミンミンミーン + BBC


Current Location: 窓なき独房
Current Mood: uncomfortablea bit skeeved
Current Music: Pentagon News Report

(1) Juxtaposition: I like making collage. One of my favorite things is size out of scale collage, the juxtaposition of two things out of scale so that one looks strangely large. Ah, if I only had the Photoshop skillz, but scissors and glue are pretty good too.

(2) Jenga: The tower game! I actually got this in our office's White Elephant gift exchange, but I love it like a regular gift. We play it now from time to time at work.

(3) Java! I drink lots of java, and produce lots of Java. Happily I get paid to do it (well, the producing part anyway). I will admit my coffee consumption habits are insane. I prefer it black, no sugar, no milk, usually with ice. No pop for me, coffee all the way.

(4) Jaga Jazzist: Some music I like to study and work by.

(5) Jyagaimo: Yeah I'm going to cheat. I don't know so many words that start with J. Whether they be mashed, boiled, roasted, crisps, chips, fries, or latkes, I am a fan of the potato. Mmmm. I like them enough to pretend they start with J.

(6) Jeans: Wear 'em every day. Yet another benefit of being a cube farmer...

(7) Jabber: Sweet chat protocol.

(8) Jet: Lets me go to the other side of the planet on a somewhat regular basis. A jet-ski would take WAY too long. Bonus - now I can fly on a jet immediately from my local airport. Not only propeller planes anymore!

(9) Jericho: Yeah, it started out cheesy, but I got drawn in and it was actually pretty good. For once, a show on American TV that seemed planned out from the beginning. Plus, it's got the end of the world with melodrama, plus nukes. Nukes! We watched this the summer the house burnt down.

(10) Japanese: My other language. Lets me cheat and squeeze potatoes onto a "J" list. Easy to read in.

Current Location: control room, chez mink
Current Mood: bouncyjumping
Current Music: Jaga Jazzist
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Happy happy fall day... But it's not autumn! Hmm? Akibare is a state of mind, the feeling when you wake up on a crisp, fall day, the leaves are backlit shining yellow and orange against the blue sky, it's sweater weather, and you can do anything, absolutely anything at all...