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So I'm getting married (!!) next Friday, a week from today, in the park down the street from my house, to my best friend, after work, after WHICH, there will be a par-tay.


I will be busting out The Dress. The same The Dress, that gets dragged out for job interviews, other people's weddings, speeches before Various and Sundry August Bodies. 1987 Ito Yokado special, flowered, cotton, A-line, by this point I suppose it's legitimately Vintage. It's not so often I do the Drag Thing, so it's a big deal. I will also wear the matching shoes, namely the brown suede All Stars.

Yes, I am gonna wear trainers to my own wedding. People always told me I could never do that, eventually I would conform and such, but, well, didn't happen. C'est la vie.

It's gonna be good :D

We will be ML^2 :D

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Congrats!!! Wow!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!


Yay yay! I want pictures!

Huh. You haven't breathed a word of this that I've seen, and you do tend to pop up where I hang out on the net startlingly often. Maybe you should be a spy.


1987 Ito Yokado special

har har... I love Ito Yokado. I bought half my current wardrobe there. Good prices.

I currently use Uniqlo as the Single Provider Of My Entire Wardrobe.

Being a guy as I am, I prefer to expend as little effort as possible on purchasing clothes. On the other hand, being myself, I do like to look presentable. It turns out that Uniqlo does this Quite Well.

I am, however, despite being clad otherwise entirely in Uniqlo-wear (right down to my underwear), wearing a "pbi"-branded shirt--"pbi" being Ito Yokado's "look! We gots ourselves a brand!" fake-brand-esque arrangement.

(For what it's worth, pbi is at least a size smaller than Uniqlo--something with the pbi stamp that claims to be XL is Uniqlo's idea of L. It is, on the other hand, Canadian chain Mark's Work Wearhouse's in-house fake brand "Denver Hayes"'s version of "M", so there you have it.)

Holy Cow!!!!

So many congratulations! :-) Is the groom who I think he is?

...I didn't even know you had a girlfriend. O.o おめでとうございます!

*looks at blakes_7's comment*
* boyfriend

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I figured the usericon was all I needed to say.

Ooooh, I missed that.


Wow! Congratulations!! I definitely want to see pictures.

Dammit, I should call you. But I don't have your number.

Wow, congratulations!!!

And I'm totally wearing sneakers to my wedding someday too. Either sneakers or gladiator sandals, depending on what works and what stays in fashion. I have feet issues and can't ever sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Wow, I'm out of the loop. What great news! Congratulations! ML squared, ha. I actually had a dream about you a couple of days ago — I was walking by your house on the way to ojc, but the whole front of the house was open like a tropical storefront. You were making something as in a workshop or studio and waved as I went by. Waving back ...

Awesome! Congratulations!

if Radio2io is out of the loop, I'm part of a venn diagram in a completely different textbook.

congrats, of course!


A park? You don't have to pay the park rangers or anything to hold a ceremony there, do you? Just wondering because all the weddings I've been to have taken place at some fancy restaurant and it always costs lots of money to reserve the place for one.

Congrats! Looking forward to pics :)



(Pics or it didn't happen!)

Congratulations Maiko!!!

Grats! Have a good one!

And nice one on the trainers ;)

That is freakin' awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
I love that you have one all-purpose dress and you pair it with trainers-that is fierce individualism.
And ML^2? That is groooooovy!

Happy happy fall day... But it's not autumn! Hmm? Akibare is a state of mind, the feeling when you wake up on a crisp, fall day, the leaves are backlit shining yellow and orange against the blue sky, it's sweater weather, and you can do anything, absolutely anything at all...