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...yeah. Bite me.

Luckily all the .wmv stuff still works fine, so not only can I watch this same video in higher quality, I can download the damn thing with quicktime and put it on my phone.

Still, it's appearing more and more likely that subscribing to some proxy service might be in my future.

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So does the guy playing "Roberto" on the morning drama show always have a crazy accent like that or does he exaggerate it for the show?

Still he speaks Italian so from my view he's cool either way :D

/able to order an espresso
///heaven forbid they ask about change

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I must admit I like watching TV shows set in the countryside with trains as it has old style trains that I remember from small kid time in the city that are now long gone from there. All the trains had the whole thing painted one color (not silver with a stripe) and there wasn't any sort of air conditioning.

You open the window, your hair gets sucked out flapping, and it kinda feels weird but nice too...

There was a time I thought it'd be awesome to be the guy who punched tickets at the ticket wicket, bouncing the puncher along with the precise rhythm, that job is long since expired.

...along with the nixie tube ticket vending machines.

Elevator girl, also, was short-lived.


/beer status: > 1

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I went to a cow orker's computer and made the same file open error, apparently the English version says "clean up" so I presume someone made a typo going for 整理、otherwise, well... lolwut?

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The lizard brain had what to say about this.

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まだ一インチ積もっていないから正式には White X'mas にはならないかも知れないけど全体が白く見える程度に降ったから一応満足かな? まだ少しは降っているし…

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Happy happy fall day... But it's not autumn! Hmm? Akibare is a state of mind, the feeling when you wake up on a crisp, fall day, the leaves are backlit shining yellow and orange against the blue sky, it's sweater weather, and you can do anything, absolutely anything at all...